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Realistic Medicine - Working together to provide the care that’s right for you

What is Realistic Medicine?
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Realistic Medicine is an approach to healthcare that aims to put the patient at the centre of decisions made about their care. Shared decision making and a personalised approach to care are key elements of practising Realistic Medicine. It also aims to reduce harm, waste and unwarranted variation, whilst acknowledging and managing the inherent risks associated with all healthcare, and championing innovation and improvement.

Realistic Medicine is relevant to all health and social care professionals, and a multi-disciplinary approach is vital to ensure that Realistic Medicine becomes standard care for people in Scotland.

Our aim is to provide you with access to learning and practice support tools to help you embed Realistic Medicine into your daily practice.

To access the Scottish Government Realistic Medicine website, please click here

Introducing Realistic Medicine

Watch the animation below for an overview of Realistic Medicine.

The 6 Pillars of Realistic Medicine

Scotland has a realistic medicine strategy with 6 pillars to help us achieve this. Click on the icons below to find out more about the 6 pillars.

Shared Decison Making


Personalised Approach to Care


Reduce Harm and Waste


Reduce Unwarranted Variation

Manage Risk Better

Become Improvers and Innovators



Content updated July 2022