Value Based Health and Care

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Delivering Value Based Health and Care will help ensure the long term sustainability of NHSScotland. With access to conventional medical and surgical therapies having been restricted for public health reasons, the need for personalised and value-based care is stronger than ever. The primary focus of our health and care system should be achieving the outcomes that matter to people focusing on their wellbeing, in both health, care and disease, at the lowest possible cost when building on people’s strengths and targeting our interventions on what really makes a difference. This is the essence of Value Based Health & Care (VBH&C).

Value Based Health and Care Vision

The vision for Value Based Health and Care was published by Scottish Government in December 2022, and can be found on their website here.

The Value Based Health ad Care action plan was pulished by Scottish Government in September 2023, and can be found on their website here

Value Based Health and Care Animation

Watch the animation below for an introduction to Value Based Health and Care.

Introduction to Value Based Health and Care
Value Based Health & Care: People, Equity, Sustainability and Stewardship

Introdution to Value Based Health & Care eLearning module

NES has developed an online module, guiding you through what Value Based Health & Care is and how it relates to your practice. The module is relevant for all staff working in health and social care. This interactive and reflective module summarises the challenges currently facing health and social care systems. It explains the link between Realistic Medicine and Value-Based Health & Care and what we mean by outcomes that really matter to people

Click here to access the eLearning Module. Please note you must be logged in to your TURAS account to access this.


The Welsh Value in Health team have developed a resource to support the use of PROMs: Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Package - Value in Health ( This package is supported by eight case illustrations with specific QR codes linked to relevant case studies.

Content updated January 2024