Shared Decision Making

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Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a central component of Realistic Medicine and supports patients and their families to be involved in decisions about their care.

Shared Decision Making Animation

Watch the animation below for an overview of Shared Decision Making.

Shared Decision Making eLearning Module
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NES has developed an online module, guiding you through what SDM is and how you can implement it in practice effectively and immediately. This interactive and reflective module provides practical hints and tips on communication and a how to talk about risks and statistics in ways that are meaningful to people.

Click here to access the eLeaning Module. Please note you must be logged in to your TURAS account to access this.

Links to Helpful Tools and Resources

Having realistic conversations about what matters to a person and options we have available is important for shared decision making discussions and other situations such anticipatory care planning. We can use proven conversation models and language to help us with these discussions.

Health literacy tools and techniques support shared decision making as ‘Health literacy is about people having sufficient knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills to cope with the complex demands of modern health care.’ NES and NHS England developed a module to introduce some useful techniques to aid communication.

Effective Communication for Healthcare (EC4H) is Scotland’s leading NHS communication education programme. EC4H provides workshops supporting staff training in shared decision-making.

Scotland’s House of Care programme is a proven approach that supports and enables people to articulate their own needs and to decide on their own priorities, through a process of joint decision making, goal setting and action planning.


Content updated July 2022