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Our Turas repository contains training guidance and wider CPD learning material to help you as a Healthcare Scientist. Whether your role is as a trainee, a supervisor or frontline practitioner, we hope the content is useful to you.

Our CPD offer includes specialty material developed by colleagues in service who wish to disseminate quality-assured learning. The HCS team at NES can assist in converting such material into e-learning content that will allow learners to record a learning record of participation. If you are interested in co-producing content, please contact us at HCS@nes.scot.nhs.uk.

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Page last updated: 15/10/2021

Healthcare Science : basics

Click on the above image, or the Launch button below, to begin this e-Learning module and find out what Healthcare Science is, and how we at NES Healthcare Science contribute to the scientific workforce.

  • Welcome to training as a member of the Healthcare Science community. The scientific workforce is a vital component of the clinical team. Modern diagnostics and treatments will rely on your contribution. This short guide is designed to help you...