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This page contains information regarding NES Healthcare Science events (including webinars and workshops) and what's on over the next few months.

Please find information and resources related to past events/webinars by clicking the links in the left-hand menu.

Page last updated: 23/01/2024

Upcoming Events

The following table is a comprehensive list of what events we have scheduled over the coming months, all hosted on MS Teams.

Event Date/Time Registration Link

Healthcare Science Education and Training Event 2024

Thursday 8th - Friday 9th February CLICK HERE

Train-the-Trainer programme - interactive workshop

Tuesday 20th February (11:00-12:00) CLICK HERE*

Training-in-Difficulty programme - interactive workshop

Friday 22nd March (13:00-14:00) CLICK HERE*

Early Years leadership programme - interactive workshop

Tuesday 23rd April (11:00-12:00) CLICK HERE*

Train-the-Trainer programme - interactive workshop

Friday 17th May (13:00-14:00) CLICK HERE*

Training-in-Difficulty programme - interactive workshop

Monday 17th June (11:00-12:00 CLICK HERE*

*Please note registration for our interactive workshops is only available once you have completed all prior components of the respective learning programme.