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View our workforce stories from health and care professionals across Scotland, to find out more about different types of Technology Enabled Care.

Remote Health Monitoring
Photo of Elizabeth McDonald, who uses iCare to support vulnerable people living at home


Elizabeth Macdonald is a Social Work Assistant working for the Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership.

Find out how they use iCare, an activity monitoring kit, to assess if an individual is safe and able to be living independently.

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Photo of Paul Smith, a TEC Development Officer with Perth and Kinross HSCP

The benefits of using TEC

Paul Smith is a TEC Development Officer.

Find out how TEC has enabled the Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership workforce to become more innovative and creative in finding new solutions for delivering care.

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Remote Consulting
Photo of Mhairi Coutts, an MS Specialist Nurse who uses Attend Anywhere to provide a video clinic service

Attend Anywhere

Mhairi Coutts is an MS Specialist Nurse, working for the Revive MS Support charity.

Mhairi tells us about the benefits of using Attend Anywhere, which enables health and care providers to offer a video clinic service to people as an alternative to a face to face appointment.

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Digital Services and Apps
Photo of David Sutherland, a Senior Social Care Officer who uses Safemed for effective medication management


Dave Sutherland is a Senior Social Care Officer at Beech Hill House Care Home in Forfar.

Dave uses the Safemed app. It contains up to date guidelines and information on the safe administration of medicine, including consent to treatment, types of medicine, controlled drugs, and personal plans.

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