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Proforma for writing up SEAs and app, booklet, cards and deskpad tools to help analyse significant events.

Enhanced SEA Report Form

Finally, a new report format for enhancedSEA has been designed - you may already be familiar with the existing report format for writing-up SEAs, this is now slightly updated to accommodate a systems-based approach. It is strongly recommended that this format is used for GP speciality training and medical appraisal, as well as for practice manager and nurse vocational training and appraisal.

NOTE: Please note when downloading the SEA Report Form, please make sure you have the latest Adobe reader downloaded and open with internet explorer.

Once you have completed your SEA please email onto June Morrison (

At the individual level, the tool encourages reflection on your own emotional response to a significant event and possible support needs prior to focussing on what happened and what should be done.

  • The individual can then choose to complete a written report or bring the highlighted event to the care team meeting for a group analysis.
  • At the care team level, the guide tool will assist the group to focus on determining the interactions between the individual, the complexity of the task that was undertaken and wider systems issues in order to develop a more meaningful action plan for improvement.
Guide Tools

 Small booklet

To help individuals reflect on the potential emotional impacts of a significant event - and their own role in the event - by using human factors principles to gain a clearer understanding of all of the contributory factors involved. It also comes with a small set of cards which outline the most common factors known to contribute to significant events that can be used as prompts to help with the analysis.

A3 size desk pad

For the care team (this can also be printed as a simple A4 prompt sheet). The sheets can be distributed to all those who attend a team meeting to analyse significant events. Each sheet contains instructions and prompts to guide the care team to take a systems-based approach to analysing the event in question and take notes on what was agreed - the above cards may also be used at this stage.

Download the desk pad: