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Always Events: A Person-Centred Approach to Quality Improvement

Quick Overview

  • An Always Event is defined as “... a clear, action-oriented and pervasive practice or set of behaviours that, when implemented reliably, will ensure an optimal patient and family experience and improved outcomes”.  
  • The project involves 18 care teams from diverse settings across NHS Scotland piloting    the ‘Always Event’ concept as a person-centred Quality Improvement method. 
  • The ‘Always Event’ concept offers an innovative approach to properly engaging with patients and service users, capturing their ideas and perspectives on how aspects of care should be routinely delivered, and driving related improvements by clinicians and staff groups. 
  • Always Events are those actions and behaviours of care teams that create a satisfactory experience for patients at a local level.  The method is strongly rooted in identifying and acting on care quality issues that are important to local patients, families and carers. 
  • This project has recruited teams from acute, primary and mental health care and has introduced them to the concepts of Always Events, quality improvement and person-centredness.   
  • A key project goal is for care teams to work in partnership with priority groups of patients to collect feedback and co-design and generate a small list of Always Events. 
  • The events generated can then be linked to existing or new care systems/processes for care teams to determine if application of the Always Event method can drive measurable improvements in local patient experiences.
Quality Improvement and person-centredness

This preliminary report explores recent work done within primary care on the "Always Event" concept as one way of taking a person-centred approach to quality improvement.

Always Events Final Report

A Person-Centred Approach to Quality Improvement - Final Report

Always Events Poster

Always Events Poster

Innovating for Improvement

Always Events -  A person-centred approach to quality improvement in health care

To read Round 2 - Poster book, please click link below:

Innovating for Improvement - Round 2 Poster Book