Dental Adults with Incapacity (AWI)

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Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 information and training course for dentists.

Scottish Legislation

Scottish Legislation



A fundamental assumption of Scots law is that, once you are aged 16, you can make legally binding decisions for yourself.

However, an adult with a condition such as a learning disability, mental illness or dementia, may lack the capacity to make a decision realting to their dental care, or make an informed choice regarding treatment. In rare cases, this may also apply to someone who cannot communicate a decision because of a physical disability which cannot be overcome.


Course information


Working within the AWI Act : a course for dentists on capacity and consent

The Adults with Incapacity course is a training programme for dentists which aims provide the skills and knowledge to execute sound clinical and ethical judgments when assessing a person's incapacity. Successful participants will be able to accurately complete and document a certificate of incapacity under section 47 of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.  

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The Mental Welfare Commission (MWC) have produced advice on mental health care and treatment related to the COVID-19 pandemic for practitioners who are using the Mental Health Act and Adults with Incapacity Act when caring for patients.

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