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WELCOME to the NHS Scotland Academy site for Preparing for work in healthcare.

Healthcare support worker smiling

This collection of resources is aimed at support workers who are starting work in healthcare in Scotland. The guidance provided will support you to deliver safe, effective, person-centred care, and will complement mandatory and statutory induction requirements, which will be delivered by your employer.   

The modules and resources below are designed to be accessed according to your own learning needs. Although the topics are related, they do not follow on from one another. Speak to your supervisor if you are unsure about your particular learning needs. 

Please note: throughout the eLearning modules you will see the term ‘patient’ rather than ‘person’. This is to avoid ambiguity and maintain consistency with referenced information. Learners should be aware, however, that patients receive individualised, person-centred care, and this concept is also addressed throughout the modules.

Practical skills

These eLearning modules explain some of the routine processes that underpin the healthcare support worker role, with the aim of supporting new workers to develop their skill and confidence. The modules can be completed and reviewed as required.

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Non-technical skills

You can support your development by accessing the resources below on a range of non-technical skills.

Person-centred Care 


Healthcare support worker codes and delegation 


  • NES dementia videos: informed practice level (provide the baseline knowledge and skills required by all staff working in health and social care settings)

Patient safety 


End of life and decisions regarding CPR 

Reflective practice 

Human factors