Resources to support national AHPs day

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A variety of resources to support and promote National AHPs Day in Scotland.

Logos and Images

Please use these images on X/Twitter:

Please use these images on Facebook:

You can use any of the above images as your MS teams background. To update your background on Microsoft teams 

1) Download one of the images and save it to your desktop.  

2) Click the link to access the video call from Outlook as per normal. Before entering the call, you have the option to switch your video on.  

3) When you do this, as well as the video turning on a small icon to the right of the audio button will light up. Click this. 

4) This should give you a 'background settings' column on the right hand side of the screen. Click 'add now.' 

5) Find the photo you saved earlier, click on it and it should automatically pull this through. You can then enter the call and the background will be there. 

This will automatically set for all other video calls so, to change or update it, follow the exact same steps above and select what background you want. 

The backdrop will look back to front when you view it but it'll appear the right way round to other people when you're on any video calls. 

Feel free to use these icons on social media or with any AHPs Day materials or resources you might develop:

Email banner:

Profession specific images