Developing within the 4 Pillars of Practice

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Looking at HCSW roles through the lens of the 4 pillars of practice, rather than as a list of tasks to be done, can open up new opportunities for developing and unlocking potential within individual HCSWs and teams.   It can also help teams see where roles fit in practice and how they relate to the role above and the role below.   

The first and easiest way to use the framework in practice is to have a good conversation about your learning and development.  We know that many Support Workers wish to remain at the same level but build on existing knowledge and skills – we call this horizontal progression where the skills in one pillar support development in others. 

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Pillars of practice across levels 2 to 4
healthcare support worker learning

The 4 pillars of practice will help you see the range and depth of your skills and experience.   

If there is area you have always wanted to work in or try out, have that conversation with someone you trust.

More information on who can help you with learning at work is available on the 'Who can help' page.

The Development and Education Framework for Level 2-4 NMAHP HCSWs can help teams and individuals talk through the different expectations at levels 2, 3 and 4 across the 4 pillars of practice.   

Using the 4 pillars of practice to support your career development

Beverly Wilson discusses how she used the 4 pillars of practice to support her career development and the opportunities it opened up for her.    

Find out more about Beverly's story.

Mirrissa explains how developing the healthcare support worker role as a career can be achieved through lifelong learning. She talks about how support from managers is important and how the 4 pillars of practice provided a structure to support her learning and development.