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The Development and Education Framework for level 2-4 Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions (NMAHP) Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) recognises how complex NMAHP HCSW roles have become and helps to explain the difference in expectations and learning for NMAHP HCSWs in Career Framework Levels 2, 3 and 4.

The framework supports the development of core knowledge, skills, and behaviours in the four pillars of practice and enables profession specific and specialist knowledge, skills and behaviours to be added for all NMAHP HCSWs working at Levels 2–4.  The information presented in each of the Four Pillars of Practice is relevant for any NMAHP HCSW role and should be applied to the setting that the HCSW is working within.

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Framework structure

An overview page is provided for each level of practice (2–4) which explains the broad sphere of responsibility / role, recommended educational / professional requirements that might be expected.   The generic aspects of each level of practice are then explained in detail, including the sphere of responsibility / role associated with each level, and the key knowledge and skills required. The consolidation of existing knowledge and skills, and the acquisition of new ones, are reflected in the incremental nature of the Framework levels.

Delegation, support and supervision


The following resource re tools to support safe and effective decisions to delegate or accept delegated tasks and duties:

Support and supervision

It is important to know the skills and competence of all members in a team, so that tasks can be delegated appropriately and safely to the right person.

Regular appraisal meetings or personal development reviews will help support the development of individuals. It is important that all staff know the limits of their own competence and have the confidence to say “no” if asked to carry out a task out with their competence, or that they feel is inappropriate or unsafe.

Supervision and feedback must be provided appropriate to the task being delegated and HCSWs should adhere to the HCSW Code of Conduct at all times

Implementation toolkit

NES have collaborated with a short life working group comprising representatives from practice to identify resources that would support health boards to implement the Development and Education Framework for Level 2-4 NMAHP HCSWs.   

The PPT with notes and the lesson plan will support the delivery of an information session (approximately 60-70 minutes) for HCSWs, Managers, Educators.

A suite of resources to support local implementation has been developed for use and these can be downloaded from the links below:

You can watch the recording from the launch event held on 23.02.2023, avalable on the events page.

We would appreciate your feedback on the implementation toolkit resources. Please take a few moments to complete the short online feedback form.

Supporting resources

You will find learning activities to support the four pillars of practice which HCSWs can use to support work-based learning and career development

Reflective template can help HCSWs to reflect on their current job role and to identify areas where they may benefit from further training, education and development. This may be used to enhance or develop in their current role, or to support them in gathering evidence to access a degree programme to become a healthcare practitioner.  

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) supports the use of evidence of work-based experience and learning to support personal and career development. You can find out more about RPL on Turas Learn

Portfolio Turas Professional Portfolio (RPL) is available to all HCSWs who wish to use an electronic portfolio to record evidence of their learning and development. Find out more on the Turas Portfolio page.

  • Learning activities to support each pillar of practice

    Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) learning activities to support the four pillars of practice

  • Turas professional portfolio

    Turas Professional Portfolio (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available to all Support Workers who wish to use as an individual educational Portfolio to record evidence of their learning.

  • The Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) reflective template is designed to help you reflect on your current job role and to identify areas where you may benefit from further training, education and development to enhance or develop in your current...

NMAHP Development Framework

The NES NMAHP Development Framework is an overarching resource comprising of two linked components - the Healthcare Support Workers Development and Education Framework and the NMAHP Post-registration Development Framework. 

The NMAHP Development Framework outlines the expectations of roles at practice levels 2–8 of the Career Framework for Health and provides all nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and healthcare support workers with a framework for their learning and development

You can find more information on the NMAHP Development Framework website

Healthcare Support Worker Development and Education Framework  Post registration Development Framework bridging from HCSW to registered practitioner routes include college, university supporting HCSWs to learn and develop from level 2-4 supports NMAHPs development across levels of practice 5-8