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Welcome to the NHS Scotland Remote Consulting learning site.

Remote consulting is an effective and convenient way to access health and social care services safely and securely. It also offers more choice and flexibility, saving time and reducing travel. Remote consulting should be part of a suite of options enabling choice to suit individual needs and circumstances.

The learning material and resources available here are to assist health and social care providers offer remote consultations as part of business as usual service provision to the people of Scotland.

Different methods of remote consulting

There are several ways people can use remote consulting:

Telephone consulting

Usually used for routine care, obtaining a repeat prescription or test results.

Click the Telephone consulting icon to find out more.

Video consulting

Usually used where it is important to be able to see someone but not necessary to be in the same room.  Other advantages over telephone appointments include multiple people can easily join a video call (consultant, relative, interpreter) and resources can be shared.

Click the Video consulting icon to find out about the Scottish Government Near Me Programme including group consultations where patients can gain mutual support from others with a shared health condition as part of their self-management.  

Virtual group consultations

Virtual group consultations is a structured service delivery model providing one-to-one appointments within a group setting, delivered  by a clinician and supported by a facilitator. The consultation delivers routine care in groups online, consulting with patients who have the same of similar health conditions and challenges

The Scottish Government are exploring virtual group consultations with a Test of Change with Group Consultations to evaluate its impact and potential for scale up across Scotland. Click the Virtual group consulting icon to find out more.

Asynchronous consulting 

Usually used to share information via email, text messaging, online form or a questionnaire where the person and the practitioner do not need to be available at the same time. 

Click the Asynchronous consulting icon to find out more.

Additional resources

Additional resources

Click the Additional resources icon to find further information and resources to help the public sector.