Asynchronous consulting

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Asynchronous means 'not happening or done at the same time or speed' (Cambridge Dictionary, 2021). The concept of asynchronous consulting is the sharing of health and wellbeing information where there is no 'real-time' interaction between the person and the practitioner.

Asynchronous consulting in practice
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Asynchronous consultations offer people more choice and flexibility to access health and social care support by completing an online questionnaire or a form, or uploading photos which are then reviewed, assessed and responded to by a practitioner in an agreed timescale.  

Other methods include, email or text messaging which represents the next level in convenience for people where they can initiate support whenever and wherever.

The practitioner can then request further information; make a diagnosis or treatment plan; invite the person for a phone, video or face-to-face appointment; or discharge them with advice.

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