Allied health professions (AHP) supervision education sessions

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Supervision education sessions for AHP staff.

AHP Supervision Education sessions

The following resources are the content of the webinar series delivered over November ’20 to January ‘21. A workbook accompanies each recording to enable you to get the most out of the sessions. Each session recording is approximately 30 minutes long with between 30 – 60 minutes additional self-directed learning activities depending on which activities you wish to undertake.    

Session 1   

This session recording introduces the AHP Support and Supervision model and explores the following:   

  • The key guiding principles​ and the evidence base outlined in the Scotland’s Position Statement on Supervision for Allied Health Professions (2018) 

  • The four components of AHP Support and Supervision and how this is underpinned by Proctor’s model 

  • Highlights the barriers and benefits of effective supervision 

  • Signposts to resources to support practice​ 

Session 2

This session recording covers how best to structure your support and supervision sessions and includes the following:  

  • A simple framework you may wish to use to structure your supervision sessions  

  • What to consider before starting supervision in your area including key considerations at each stage. 

  • The importance of the supervision agreement 

  • Confidentiality  

  • How to record supervision sessions 

Session 3: Skills for effective supervision 

AHP practice education colleagues/teams are supporting the local delivery of supervisory skills training in board areas. These small, interactive and practical sessions will cover the key skills and attributes for effective supervision and will be delivered via MS teams or face-to-face. Please note it is advisable that participants have completed Sessions 1 and 2 prior to the Skills session.  

Please contact your Practice Education Lead/Team directly for information on when these sessions will be running in your area.