Welcome to the Equality and Diversity Zone.

Developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), the Zone provides resources to help NHSScotland staff provide the best possible services in Scotland and support an inclusive workplace culture.

This site may be useful if you are

  • someone looking for information about equality regulations and support at work 
  • a manager looking for help supporting your team
  • a clinician looking for information about communicating with service users   
  • an educator looking for advice about creating accessible resources.

If you have any questions about Equality and Diversity, please contact the team: nes.equalityteam@nhs.scot

What is Equality and Diversity (E&D)?
NHS staff

Equality and diversity are separate but related concepts that are often found together.

Diversity is the idea that people are different, and that that these differences should be recognised and valued.

Equality is concerned with treating this range of different people fairly and with respect. 

NHSScotland is committed to fair treatment for all staff regardless of their background, and values the contribution that different people can make to health and care. 

Protected Characteristics

The categories below reflect the population groups protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010. Click on a protected characteristic for further information, resources, and learning modules. 


The Business Disability Forum (BDF) has developed a Covid-19 site, with sections on supporting your disabled employees, supporting your disabled customers, and physical and mental health and well-being when isolating and working from home.

These sections have links to free webinars, and the general resources are also free for all to access. They can be found at: 


In focus

Webinar series: current issues in equality and diversity 

We began our webinar series with two discussions focussed on systemic racism and healthcare, and approaches to race equality training. These recordings are useful for learning about race inequality in the context of Covid-19, and how to design interventions to help develop opportunities for minority ethnic staff. 

Introduction to Equality Impact Assessment

This short module is for anyone looking to understand EQIA. It includes the purpose of EQIAs and the legislation behind them, and takes learners through the basic steps of how to plan and carry out an impact assessment. 

Roads from the past 

Developed by Travellers' Times Films, this animation provides a short history of Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers in Britain. 

Learn more in our section on Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers


Transgender awareness

Developed by NHS Lothian in partnership with Scottish Trans, this module aims to increase awareness of transgender issues to improve the experiences of transgender service users, employees and partners of NHSScotland.

Dyslexia awareness for managers

This is a collection of four micromodules on dyslexia aimed at managers, including: Introduction to learning differences, Identifying dyslexia, Dyslexia at work, and Supporting staff with dyslexia.

Menopause awareness

This collection of videos, suitable for all staff, provides information and guidance for anyone affected by the menopause, including not only people experiencing menopausal symptoms, but their colleagues, managers, friends, and family as well.

Recommended sites

The following other sites on Learn contain recommended resources that relate to equality and diversity: