Digital Accessibility

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This page includes guidance and resources on creating accessible online content.

In additon to the resources below, we have a collection of resources from the Business Disability Forum (BDF) on Accessibility in Learning. These include tips for training, and checklists for accessible communications and events. 

Introduction to Digital Accessibility

POUR: The Principles of Web Accessibility

This short animation, aimed at all users, introduces the requirements for digital accessibility. Knowing the principles will help anyone ensure that they are creating accessible content.

Creating accessible content

Accessibility Checklists

These checklists are to help ensure that we are always creating accessible resources.


How to Make a Word Document Accessible

This video, suitable for all staff, gives clear instructions on the things we need to do to produce accessible Word documents. 

Designing for Accessibility Posters

This collection of posters, created by the UK government Home Office and aimed at digital designers, provides a list of dos and don'ts when designing for users on the autistic spectrum; users of screen readers; and users with low vision; dyslexia; physical or motor disabilities; hearing impairments; or anxiety.

Click to access accessibility posters. 

Useful websites