Dental Core Training Education Programme

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Our Dental Core Training educational event programme for 2022 - 2023 can be downloaded from this page.

Some event details for 2022-2023 are to be finalised. These and any amendments to training events that might occur during the training year will continue to be added to this document and to the DCT grade pages. Please see the below Education event programme below. 

Check back regularly for updated information.  

National Dental Core Education Programme
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These courses may include a mixture of some or all of the following; Turas information page, pre-session coursework or groupwork tasks, recommended topic familiarisation or reading resources, a live online session with a trainer and a Teams group. 

Details for each course will be posted on the individual grade pages, linked here, for DCT1DCT2, DCT3, and DCT4 PDCTF.  These pages will be updated with confirmed course dates on an ongoing basis and you should check them regularly. 

It is expected that you will attend each event provided for your training grade and any relevant joint events, such as the DCT conference. You should apply for NES study leave for every event and ensure you follow any additional local board procedures.   

Please be aware that certain links on our individual event pages are open only to those within the pre-defined Dental Core Trainee (DCT) learning group for the relevant training cohort. Please contact the team email if you have any queries about access.  

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This search terms are attached to each of the DCT pages and should help narrow your results down. You can favourite a page by selecting the star icon Add to favourites, at the top right hand corner.

Education event programme
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DCT Educational Event Programme 2022 -2023