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Welcome to the NES Dental Core and Specialty pages.  These pages are for Dental Core Trainees or Specialty Registrars which provides them with Information relating to their education, along with support, references and links that will assist them in their career pathway. 

Welcome to Dental Core and Specialty Training
Ailsa Morrison - APG Dental Dean

Ailsa Morrison - APG Dental Dean

Donald Thomson - APG Dental Dean

Donald Thomson - APG Dental Dean

My name Ailsa Morrison and along with my colleague, Donald Thomson, we are the Associate Postgraduate Dental Deans with responsibility for Dental Core and Specialty training in Scotland.  On behalf of the entire dental training team, we would like to welcome you to your post in Scotland.  

These Turas Learn pages contain further information about the training team, applying for study leave, raising concerns and other information relevant to your training. 

The team at NHS Education for Scotland are committed to supporting you and ensuring you have access to training opportunities of the highest quality. We hope that you enjoy your post and, can make the most of the opportunities it gives.  We also hope you enjoy your time in Scotland and make the most of the fantastic work and lifestyle opportunities here. Should you have any queries, please contact your Educational Supervisor in the first instance and they can liaise with your Core Training Adviser or Specialty Training Programme Director, if necessary. 

Dr Morrison and Dr Thomson 

Core and Specialty Training Pages

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