Digital and study skills

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Essential digital skills 

This section is based around the SCVO Essential Digital Skills toolkit which supports individuals, groups and organisations to measure their digital skills.

Digital Foundation Skills Framework

The framework includes a section on ‘foundation’ skills, which are required to develop skills for life and skills for work.

These fall under five headings or sets of skills:

  • Communicating - communicate, collaborate and share
  • Handling information and content – find, manage and store digital content securely
  • Transacting – purchase or sell goods and services, organise your finances
  • Problem solving – find solutions using digital tools and online services
  • Being safe and legal online

Consult the Toolkit and checklists available to help decide how you want to improve your digital skills.

Visit the Finding Help page for information about support at local and national level.

First step: Set up your computer

As a first step, visit the My Computer My Way website to find out how you can make your computer easier to use. There are many ways that you can make your keyboard and mouse, Windows and internet suit you and your needs. For example, you can make things easier to see by making the text larger, magnifying your screen or changing your colours.

You can also complete the Learn My Way: Using your computer online course to help get to grips with the basics.

Study Skills

Study skills are the skills you need to help you study and learn efficiently. They are personal and, as you learn more, you will find out what study skills work for you.
The below links include useful advice on general study skills:

GoodPractice - How to study (requires NHSScotland OpenAthens login)
OpenUniversity - Skills for study