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Here you can access Announcements and News from various rural teams.

Introduction to the Remote & Rural Series of Learning Events

Due to the Festival of Learning being cancelled, we are now re-designing this to be called The Remote & Rural Series of Learning Events which will take place over the coming months. 

We are holding an introduction to the Remote & Rural Series of Learning Events on Wednesday 30 November from 10.00am to 12.30pm.  Click here or contact for further information.

We will focus on creating more online content to enable the training sessions to be available to as wide an audience as possible. The in-person training sessions relevant to the local community will still be delivered within and where possible we will also create online access for all those who wish to link in.

Many of the sessions originally scheduled will still be available so please check the session details and registrations page regularly for updates and new training sessions.

New neonatal cooling education resources for babies suffering a lack of oxygen during birth

RRHEAL have worked in collaboration with colleagues in the medicine, NMAHP, clinical skills and digital directorates as well as external partners to produce new educational resources to support The Scottish Neuroprotection Care Pathway. This work ensures the prompt and accurate assessment of asphyxiated babies for therapeutic hypothermia.

Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) is defined when a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain results in a change in neurological behaviour and this may result in permanent brain injury. Therapeutic hypothermia is a protective treatment for some babies, when started within the six hours after birth.

NES has partnered with clinical experts from The Scottish Cooling Group, The Scottish Perinatal Clinical Network and the PEEPS parents' charity to produce animated videos to complement these new educational resources.

Three videos have been developed to support nursing and medical teams in neurological examination, and in parent communication both at diagnosis and for prognosis.

Visit the Scottish Neuroprotection Care Pathway (NCP) for Infants with Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) Turas site for more information and to watch the videos.

Illustration of a newborn baby

This project to develop these educational resources has developed at pace to deliver a high quality product to support excellent care within NHS Scotland and beyond. And it has drawn on the strengths and capabilities within our in digital, RRHEAL and NMAHP and digital teams.

Pam Nicoll, Programme Director RRHEAL
RRHEAL & UHI TEL for L&D Train the Trainer Programme

RRHEAL & UHI TEL for L&D Train the Trainer Programme

RRHEAL are delighted to announce that NHS Education for Scotland (NES) will be funding 2 x cohorts of Technology Enhanced Learning - Train the Trainer.  Click here for more information!

Impact of perimenopause and menopause on NHS workers

Impact of perimenopause and menopause on NHS workers

Please share this link for a survey to anyone working in the NHS.

Award presented to RRHEAL at the Rural Health and Care Wales (RHCW) Conference November 2021
Rural Health and Care Wales Conference 2021

Rural Health and Care Wales Conference 2021




For full view of the poster please click on the image to the right and open in browser

Trish Gray Senior Specialist Lead and Claire Savage, Senior Projects Lead, RRHEAL, submitted a poster to the Rural Health and Care Conference 2021 conference in the Recruitment, Retention and New Roles, Education, Training and Development in Rural Areas categories.

The poster entitled “A Multidisciplinary Rural Advanced Practice Education Pathway” was one of 24 entries. It scored highly in the Poster evaluation competition and was awarded second place. The conference organisers commented "Congratulations - the standard of entry in this year’s competition was extremely high therefore to come second is a great achievement."

Emergency management of children and young people (EMCYP)

In support of the Emergency Care Framework for Children and Young People in Scotland (2006), NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has developed a stimulating and interactive e-learning resource for all staff who care for children and young people (CYP) within NHS Scotland. The aim is to increase staff confidence using a rapid systematic approach to the assessment and management of CYP, ensuring quality care for CYP and their families.

The resource was developed in partnership with clinicians in practice and supports the changing needs of the NHS workforce. The e-learning modules are available on Turas, therefore the content is accessible to a diverse workforce, including those working within remote and rural locations. The modules will take approximately 3 hours to complete in total.

The resource consists of 4 modules:

Module 1 - ABCDE assessment and management

Module 2 - Safe transfer/retrieval of CYP to other facilities/wards for ongoing care

Module 3 - Scenario based learning

Module 4 - Paediatric trauma

Near Me Team Learning Needs Survey

Near Me is a free on-line video appointment service for health and care. Since Covid-19 it has been used to deliver over one million appointments. An Independent Evaluation 2021 (available here) recommended ongoing peer support and training. Therefore, we would like to identify the learning needs of clinicians and care staff working in health and social care across Scotland. This will allow us to work with professional bodies and others to develop and deliver appropriate support. 

The Near Me Team would be grateful if you would consider completing the Learning Needs Survey QuestBack (if appropriate) which should take about five to ten minutes to complete. Please share widely with your local and national networks.