Enhanced Recovery for Obstetric Surgery in Scotland (EROSS)

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Our wish is that this site will enable sharing of the current work and progress made in applying Enhanced Recovery to Obstetric Surgery across Scotland. 

The story so far; a consensus meeting was held in December 2016, bringing together key stakeholders from across NHS Scotland to agree a minimum data set to allow us to demonstrate improvements in care for mothers undergoing obstretic surgery. Initially this acctivity was only within planned caesarean sections, but in 2018, this work has now started to spread to include emergency caesarean sections. 

The key programme activities are ensuring all mothers have access to an ante-natal multi-professional class (in person or virtually). This class ensures mothers have knowledge of the enhanced recovery pathway, empowering them in shared decision making around their care during and post-operatively. The other activities are around working towards eating and drinking in recovery, having IV fluids down before leaving recovery, catheter out by 7 am the morning after surgery and mobilising within 8 hours post-op.  

EROSS Resources

Below are YouTube playlist links to two videos that have been produced to help provide information to mothers, partners and families. The first video is about the caesarean delivery journey, while the second video focusses on physiotherapy advice following a caesarean delivery.  Both playlists contain videos with subitltes in English, Deaf Sign, Polish, Russian, Mandarin, Urdu and Arabic.

To view all of the EROSS videos on the Vimeo platform, click here 


EROSS - My Caesarean Delivery Journey - Booklet (English)

My Caesarean Delivery Journey - the enhanced recovery approach. This booklet is for mothers and families who have chosen a planned caesarean delivery or who may have had an emergency one. This booklet will give information on what to expect before, during and after a caesarean delivery (CD), as part of the Enhanced Recovery for Obstetric Surgery in Scotland (EROSS) Programme.

EROSS Programme

The boards involved in EROSS use Teams meetings or events to regularly update on progress and challenges, ensuring sharing of best practice across NHS Scotland.


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If you are interested in future EROSS events and activities please contact the MPPP/SAC team.

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