Creating conditions

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Creating the condition for change is necessary to consider at the start of your improvement journey. It will require continual attention and effort throughout your improvement work. 

The Quality Improvement Journey

Why Creating the Conditions is important

Do this at the beginning of an improvement project and involve as many core stakeholders as possible. Staff and service users are key. This early collaboration will help to optimise ownership and engagement of the improvement. It will also help to establish a sense of shared purpose and values. The steps outlined below will help you create the conditions to support improvement in your team.

Watch the animation below for an overview of Creating Conditions.

Topics in Create the Conditions for Improvement

Increase the sense of urgency

This clarifies/emphasises WHY the change is needed. It can involve sharing stories or experiences that illustrate what the problem is or what the future could look like.  It helps people to see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately.  

Establish a Guiding Coalition

This is a group of people that act as strategic facilitators and can link the work to the wider organisational priorities. These key people can help to maintain momentum, unblock barriers, make sure improvements are aligned strategically, or if necessary, create new strategic imperatives that support the improvements needed.

Create and communicate a clear vision 

It is vital to work with the team and other key stakeholders, especially service users, to create a vision of what the improvement should (or could) look like. This helps to ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.  As well as describing the future-state it should also describe key stages along the way.

Establish the Improvement Team 

This includes the people who the changes will affect. It is normally made up of people who work in the team, people who use the service and people who understand how to do improvement. 


Taking the time to create the conditions for change will provide a springboard for action and build a strong foundation for establishing sustained improvement. 


Content Updated August 2023

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