Establish a Guiding Coalition

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Establish a Guiding Coalition

Guiding Coalition

Successful improvement is rarely achieved through the efforts of one individual – leading change is a collective effort and leadership isn’t always about formal positions and job-titles. You will need a group of people to guide, coordinate, facilitate and communicate throughout the change process. This coalition will act as strategic facilitators and should include individuals who are key stakeholders and leaders in your organisation.  In particular, think about who can provide support to your improvement effort in these four key areas:

  •        Executive sponsorship to make sure the improvements are properly communicated, resourced and aligned to strategic priorities.
  •        Operational management (sometimes called “middle managers”) who can provide practical support, unblock barriers and advocate on your behalf.
  •        Improvement experts who can help with the change process
  •        Subject matter experts who understand the context and can help choose the right changes to test.

Once established, your guiding coalition will need to work as a team to oversee the change process and maintain momentum. Remember - managing change isn’t enough – you have to lead it.

Links and tools to help you establish a guiding coalition