Establish the Improvement Team

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Establish the Improvement Team

Improvement Team

This is different to the Guiding Coalition and is comprised of people who will be doing the improvement work, directly supporting the improvement work and those who are directly affected by the changes.   For example, it should include staff and service-users if possible but will also include some members of the Guiding Coalition, such as the improvement coach or subject matter expert. The Improvement Team should include a good cross-section of people and not just those in formal leadership positions.

Key roles and individuals to consider include:

  • Team lead to co-ordinate and facilitate the change process
  • Members of the team who work in the area and can provide day-to-day leadership and test changes
  • Representatives of those impacted by the changes, i.e. families, young people, patients, customers who have experience of the service (service user)
  • Improvement advisor to provide coaching, mentorship and facilitation support
  • Support services, if needed i.e. data analysts, finance

The Improvement Team will need to meet regularly throughout the change process and these meetings should be focused and efficient. Consider using an effective meeting process to help you achieve this.

The Improvement Team should also develop a Project Charter and use Project Management tools to support the improvement project.

Links and tools to help you establish your improvement team