Scottish Improvement Leader Programme (ScIL) 2.0

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The aim of Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) Programme is to develop individuals who can design, develop and lead improvement projects, generate support for change and provide expert improvement support and advice. The ScIL Programme is a quality improvement course developed by a number of Scottish Public Service Improvement Partners.

About ScIL 2.0

ScIL 2.0 is designed to provide you with a flexible and engaging learning experience. You can choose the combination of eLearning, facilitated sessions, and networking opportunities that best suits your learning preferences. You will be supported throughout to apply learning in your workplace and build practical experience of using quality improvement methodologies that promote continuous improvement. The programme will support you to elevate your improvement leadership skills and make a lasting impact in your organisation and for the people it serves.

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Who is the programme for?

ScIL is designed for professionals within Scottish public services who are passionate about driving quality improvement initiatives and contributing to creating conditions for continuous improvement in their organisations.

Regardless of your specific role, ScIL equips its participants with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to apply quality improvement methodologies, lead change initiatives, leverage data for informed decision-making, and create a collaborative environment that promotes continuous improvement.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply quality improvement methodology to work-based systems
  2. Lead and facilitate improvement initiatives for people who access systems and services
  3. Synthesise data to inform understanding and actions for improvement activity
  4. Promote effective collaboration and knowledge sharing to build continuous improvement culture
Programme Delivery
Programme Content
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Programme Sponsors

The Scottish Improvement Leaders Programme is sponsored by: 

Healthcare Improvement Scotland 

Scottish Government 

Scottish Social Services Council