ScIL 2.0 Recruitment

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We are pleased to announce that recruitment of Cohort 50 of the Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) Programme will open on Monday 24th June 2024 and close at 10 am on Friday 30th August 2024.

We welcome applications from individuals working across all regions of Scotland supporting Health and Social Care and/or the Excellence in Care agenda. Applications will also be invited from individuals from national health boards, Social Services (specifically social work and adult social care), or as part of the Children and Young Peoples Improvement Collaborative (CYPIC), and any other Scottish public services.

Once recruitment is closed, all applications will be collated and shortlisted by local and national panels. Applicants will be contacted during the week beginning Monday 7th October 2024, to notify them of the outcome of their application.


Please find below a link to the application form and guidance documents:

Prior to starting your ScIL application, please ensure that you have:

·         Support from your line manager, organisational mentor and executive sponsor.

·         You have informed them of the ScIL recruitment timelines, and that an MS form will be emailed for them to complete once you have submitted your application. 

Please refer to the Application Process within the ScIL information for prospective applicants document for further detail.

It is important to take your time to read the ScIL information for prospective applicants to complete the steps before applying to participate in the ScIL programme. A link to the application form can be found on page 17 of the ScIL information for prospective applicants.