Digital knowledge and skills to support practice-based learning

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The last few years have seen an increase in digital approaches to health care, due in part to the response to the Covid 19 pandemic.  For PrBL, this is an opportunity to embed this approach in student training, with the potential for benefits in sustainability, the possibility of increasing student capacity, opportunities to deliver innovative high quality placements and to prepare students to enter the digitally enabled workforce of the future.  

Students and practice educators can for example:

  • take part in remote consultations with patients using a platform such as NHS Near  Me
  • participate in MDT meetings using Microsoft Teams
  • take part in and deliver group education sessions or tutorials using Microsoft Teams or similar VC platforms
  • engage with peer support groups eg in peer enhanced e- placements 
  • engage in long arm supervision sessions 
  • take part in informal networking sessions

On this page you will find more information on digital solutions, as well as on information governance, safe data handling and cyber security. 

An NMAHP practice education digital survey was carried out in 2020.  This survey identified a need for funding to support the delivery of digital placements and PrBL opportunities.  As a result funding was provided to Scottish healthboards to purchase IT equipment to support AHP placement delivery.  A presentation 'Digital solutions to support PrBL recovery' is available in the resources section below.  Should you or your team wish to access the funded IT equipment in order to support a digital placement please get in touch with yout boards AHP Practice Education Lead (AHP PEL).


NHS NearMe

Near Me is the national platform used within NHS Scotland to conduct remote consultations with patients and clients using their services.  Students can use it alongside clinicians, either observing or participating in clinics, and can dial in remotely.  This website has videos, guidance for users and other information such as SOPs. 

This website from NHS Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme provides additional information about the use of near me to support student learning


Guidance for student placements using NearMe

This guidance document contains useful information to support a student in using Near Me


Resources to support practice educators