High Impact Change 2 – Redesign Urgent Care

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Collaborating across the whole health and social care system to design and implement a safe, sustainable, patient and outcomes focused system of urgent care access, pathways and treatment in Scotland that delivers better health, care and life outcomes for our patients, staff and their families and the wider community in which we all live, grow, learn, work and play.


  • Supporting people to choose the right care delivered at the right time and in the right place
  • Reduce avoidable ED attendances by directing patients to more appropriate urgent care settings 
  • All flow Navigation centres will be 24/7 with immediate access to senior clinical decision maker 
  • Improve patient safety by scheduling urgent appointments to ED and MIU and avoiding waits in busy A&E departments

To find out more: HIC2 Redesign of Urgent Care - Home (sharepoint.com)

Redesign of Urgent Care