Dental Nurse Induction

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NHS Education for Scotland (NES) recognises the importance of ensuring all staff begin their work in a positive and supportive environment.

Dental Nurse Induction Learning Programme

The Dental Nurse Induction learning programme has four modules that trainees can progress through at their own pace, with the support of workplace colleagues.

The modules cover four of the most important aspects of a trainee dental nurse’s role in relation to working safely: 



Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Infection Control

Infection Control

Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

The various tasks within each of the modules require trainees to undertake some research and investigation through reviewing websites and engaging in discussion with colleagues in the practice.

Upon completion of all four modules the trainee dental nurse should complete the short knowledge check.

Completion of the learning programme should provide trainees with a very clear understanding of their role and responsibilities as a dental nurse.

Aim and Learning Outcomes

Aim: To enable the trainee Dental Nurse to work safely in a dental environment.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Outline the role and the ethical responsibilities of a dental nurse as defined by the General Dental Council.
  2. Describe how to prevent and control the spread of infection within the dental environment.
  3. Explain safe working practices to ensure the health, safety and welfare of self and others within the dental environment.
  4. Access emergency drugs and equipment to help with a medical emergency in the dental environment.


The Dental Nurse Induction learning programme can be accessed below:

Workplace Induction Resources

Resources within the Practice Support Manual are available to support dental teams on a range of topics, including induction of new staff.

Register to undertake a recognised dental nurse training programme

The General Dental Council (GDC) states that Dental Nurses must either be registered or ‘in training’. The term “in training” means that they are either:

  • Employed and enrolled or waiting to start on a recognised programme that will lead to GDC registration; or
  • Studying on a recognised programme that leads directly to GDC registration.

More Information please see the information on the NES Pre Registration programme: Modern Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing programme

For information on employing trainee dental nurses: