Cohort 16 - Red Alerts in the CCU - Scott Murray

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To create a digital solution that will allow for both the capture and storage of red alarms/events within the coronary care unit (CCU). This improvement would allow for real time review of alarms (including from remote locations) and instigate informed clinical decision making regards to appropriate and time efficient treatment. The archiving of data will also aid retrospective and cumulative decision making and serve as a learning resource for interesting cases. The solution was to create a generic user account that could access a shared virtual printer on a NHST server. The CCU CMS Worksation was then reconfigured so that instead of printing the physical data it would generate a pdf file of the event along with the patient CHI, date and time. This file is then automatically saved to the server whereby a routine picks it up, identifies the patient and moves this into the matching patient’s records within clinical portal.

Publisher: NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

Type: Document

Audience: General audience