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This dedicated site will host information to update the progression of the current Scottish Government Commission with NES regarding Medical Associate Professions (MAPs). It is aimed at healthcare professionals, workforce planners, those interested in a career in healthcare in Scotland, in the field of healthcare education.

Latest News and Updates
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This section will include information relating to the latest news and updates. 

We are continuously looking to build our career stories to showcase the variety of MAPs roles, if you would like to offer to record a career story please let us know at



Latest updates - August 2022

From now until 17 August, we will be posting daily articles on weekdays here and on Twitter. These will enrich your engagement with the content of our 2nd MAPs workshop which is taking place on 24 August. 


To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop read this investigation of factors supporting and inhibiting PA employment, their contribution and their impact on patients’ experience and outcomes and the organization of services  (from NES Literature Review 2022)

To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop read this paper discussing how preceptorship may support employers to offer best support to newly appointed PA graduates

This paper discusses the ability of the SCP to adapt to the different roles they were tasked with at a time of healthcare crisis. A read of this will enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop  (from NES Literature Review 2022)

To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop read this audit which examines educational and development of surgical care practitioners able to work across the surgical patient’s journey

The Newcastle University Hospitals NHS Trust describes how the role of ACCP has been integral to reconfiguring the Critical Care Team  (from NES Literature Review)

To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop explore this quality improvement review of an advanced critical care practitioner (ACCP) led inter-hospital transfer service.

To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop take a look at this paper discussing the attitudes of theatre staff to introduction of the Physician Assistant Anaesthesia (Anaesthesia Associate) role in their teams    (from NES Literature Review 2022)    

To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop, this article explores the evolving healthcare workforce in NHS acute care settings in the UK. Development and implementation of a range of non-medical practitioner roles is discussed  (from NES Literature Review 2022)   

To enrich engagement with the forthcoming MAPs workshop read how PAs can work effectively in teams, highlighting the benefits and current working practices of PAs across the NHS and address the concerns and challenges raised


Next in the series of opportunities to engage with the MAPs Commission work is our MAPs Stakeholder meeting on 8th September 1.00 - 2.30. Registration is now open . Booking closes on 29th August at 23.59.

Latest updates - July 2022

Save the date for our forthcoming MAPs Stakeholder meeting on 8th September 2022 hold the date and share with other colleagues.

See what our co-chair Karen Wilson thinks about the MAPs Commission . If you require this in an alternative format please let us know. 

Update on the UK government's timetable for regulation of Physician Associates and Anaesthesia Associates


Latest updates - June 2022

HEE have launched the Core Capabilities Framework for Medical Associate Professionals. The framework sets a standard and offers the opportunity for medical associate professionals to develop and evidence their knowledge and skills, enabling the highest standards of practice as well as providing a structure for career and role development across a variety of settings.


Read what our Co-Chairs say about the MAPs Commission work which is also included in the recent edition of NES Current.  You can subscribe to NES Current to receive future editions

Take part in the GMC consultation and complete the Good Medical Practice Review Survey  closing date is 20th July 2022.

Read the recent blog from the GMC on how Physician Associates are contributing at our trust 

Have a look at the Common questions: regulating Physician Associates and Anaesthesia Associates  from the GMC 


We are delighted to announce we are hosting our 2nd MAPs Workshop  which will be delivered by MS Teams on 24 August 2022 at 13.00 - 16.00.

This workshop will profile the 4 MAPs roles, enhancing understanding regarding application for deployment, opportunity within workforce models and considerations for the broader team. This is an opportunity to: 

  • Hear from practising MAPs, service leads and clinical supervisors
  • Join discussion and learn from teams already deploying MAPs to effect in varied clinical contexts
  • Share debate and potential solutions with diversification of workforce models

Target audience: 

  • Service and clinical leads with responsibility for developing service and remobilisation
  • MAPs practitioners involved in educational support and development 
  • Education partners 


To book a place, please visit  booking closes on 1 August 2022 at 23:59.


Literature review report on Medical Associate Professions in the workforce is now available to view.


Latest updates - May 2022 The team at NHS Highland Respiratory Medicine team introduced a Physician Associate role to their team and evaluated the impact - have a look via the link below:

Workforce Scoping has commenced - select linked resource below for more information

Latest updates - April 2022

Latest news from GMC on shaping professional standards. This will be of interest to all involved with Physician Associate & Anaesthesia Associate roles. Please fill out the 

smart survey

Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) Roles

This work includes the following MAP roles:

Physician Associate (PA)

Medically trained, generalist healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. Physician associates are dependent practitioners working with a dedicated medical supervisor but are able to work autonomously with appropriate support. (Faculty of Physician Associates)

Anaesthesia Associate (AA)

Anaesthesia Associates are highly trained, skilled practitioners that work within an anaesthetic team under the direction and supervision of a Consultant Anaesthetist. (Royal College of Anaesthetists)



Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP)

Registered non-medical healthcare professionals who have extended the scope of their practice by completing an accredited training programme. They work as members of the surgical team and perform surgical interventions and pre-operative and post-operative care under the supervision of a senior surgeon. (Royal College of Surgeons of England)


Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP)

Advanced Critical Care Practitioners are clinical professionals responsible for patients' care during their critical care admission. They are highly experienced and educated practitioners who have developed their skills and theoretical knowledge to a very high standard. They are empowered to make high-level clinical decisions to ensure that patients receive timely, personal, and effective care. (Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine) 

MAP roles support NHS Scotland Boards to deliver flexible and resilient workforce plans. They will contribute to the increased clinical capacity required by the NHS Recovery Plan published in August 2021 by enabling the right workforce in place at the right timeBelow are some examples of how these roles are deployed.


Faculty of Physician Associates - quality health care across the NHS (

Anaesthesia Associates | The Royal College of Anaesthetists ( 

Surgical Care Practitioner — Royal College of Surgeons (   Faculty of Perioperative Care - Royal College of Surgeons                

Advanced Critical Care Practitioners –                            

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