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Welcome to the Telecare learning site for health, housing and social care.

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is a broad umbrella term for how technology is used to support citizens to manage their health and wellbeing.  TEC includes Telecare, Remote health monitoring and consumer technology that can be purchased by individuals directly.

Telecare works in partnership with the Scottish Local Government Digital Office and TEC in Housing, and engages with telecare service providers, citizens and other key stakeholders to provide leadership and support to drive continuous improvement, transformation and innovation in telecare deployment and service delivery.

What is Telecare

Telecare is a service that uses technology to support people to live independently and safely by helping to manage risks.  Telecare enables people to call for urgent help when they need it, can provide reminders to do things at a certain time (e.g. take medication) and can automatically alert a carer, support worker or 24 hour monitoring centre if a risk has been identified.

All Health and Social Care Partnerships in Scotland offer varied levels of telecare services, ranging from providing preventative reassurance, to the delivery of enhanced levels of support by paid emergency response teams for people with complex needs.

Watch this short video to find out more about what is Telecare.

Telecare elearning module

Assessment and Support Planning: Telecare 

This module has been developed  to equip staff who undertake outcomes focussed assessment with the knowledge and confidence to routinely consider telecare during assessment and support planning, and to raise awareness and understanding of how telecare can support models of service delivery within the wider workforce. ​​​​​

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Telecare resources
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The Scottish Government TEC Programme telecare self-check online tool is available on NHS inform. The tool enables people to find information on telecare services in their area, however this resource can also support practitioners to better understand telecare.

Useful Turas Learn sites

Digital Health and Care learning site offers access to learning resources to improve knowledge and skills in the use of digital across health and social care including access to free elearning modules introducing Technology Enabled Care.

Remote consulting provides learning material and resources to assist health and social care providers offer remote consultations as part of business as usual service provision to the citizens of Scotland.

Remote health monitoring gives clinicians and practitioners access to digital pathways and resources to support the use of simple monitoring technology to enable citizens to receive, record and relay relevant information about their health and wellbeing.

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