What's new in October 2021

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Find out about the important new features and functionality that have been released for Turas Vaccination Management in Ocotber 2021.

25th October 2021

Release, 786, Version 2021.10.20.2

Assign a CHI number to a no CHI number vaccination record

The Records Manager user role now has the functionality to enable them to Assign a CHI Number for patients without a CHI number where:

  • They have not already been "Assigned" by this process
  • They have vaccination episodes status of "Complete"

Note: Whilst the term Assign a CHI Number is used the process in the background is deleting the patient vaccination record without a CHI number and creating a new vaccination record with a CHI number. This mimics the current manual process performed by Record Managers.

The  ‘Assign a CHI number to this Patient’ feature is accessed from the Actions panel on the Patient Details page.

Assign CHI number to this patient

The ‘Assign a CHI number to this Patient’ process employs a wizard style approach, with 2 steps;

  • Step 1 - Select CHI Number
  • Step 2 - View Summary, provide a reason, and proceed

For further guidance please refer to the User Guide

4th October 2021

Release, 770, Version 2021.10.1.1

Show Elapsed Time in Weeks and Days

In the following tables:

  • Vaccinations (Administered or Attempted) in the Last 12 Months  - Screening Page
  • Recent Vaccination History - Patient Details Page

Elapsed time greater than 28 days will display as weeks and days.

Show Elapsed Time in Weeks and Days