Heart Failure

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The Heart Failure Pathway has been developed to support the monitoring of heart failure patients by specialist heart failure nurses (or heart failure clinicians where applicable) to enable: 

  • Remote optimisation and earlier achievement of guideline directed heart failure therapy, as tolerated, for patients newly diagnosed with heart failure, in order to reduce their risk of hospitalisation and premature death. 
  • Closer monitoring and earlier intervention to improve quality of life and reduce the risk of hospitalisation, where possible, for patients identified with worsening symptoms and quality of life. 
Heart Failure Service

We hope clinicians and patients find the Heart Failure Service simple and easy to use, helping people better understand their condition and manage their symptoms.  

The Inhealthcare system reviews responses and readings providing immediate feedback and advice specific to the patient helping them manage their symptoms in line with a validated and scored quality of life questionnaire [Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire -12 (KCCQ-12)] and a psychological well-being questionnaire (PHQ-4). 

The Heart Failure Pathway Clinician User Guide guide is a step-by-step instruction guide for clinicians and administrative staff on using the Heart Failure Pathway.

The Remote Health Monitoring Onboarding Process guide supports clinicians to onboard patients to the Inhealthcare remote monitoring Heart Failure Service.

The Heart Failure Pathway Operational Guide supports clinicians to understand patient alerts, the automated advice they receive,  including rationale and considerations.

The Heart Failure Remote Health Pathway flow is a visual resource showing the user journey to help clinicians support patients with the remote monitoring of Heart Failure..

Although developed for patients, these resources are useful for clinicians supporting the use of the Heart Failure Service Remote Health Pathway:

The Remote Monitoring - Managing Your Symptoms at Home guide explains the 3 steps to using the Inhealthcare Heart Failure Service.

The Heart Failure Remote Monitoring Service guide helps clinicians understand how patients use the Inhealthcare remote monitoring Heart Failure Service



The Remote Monitoring - Pulse Oximeter Information explains how to use a pulse oximeter.

The Hints and Tips - Monitoring Your Blood Pressure explains how to take a blood pressure reading.

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