What's new in May 2021

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Find out about the important new features and functionality that have been released for Turas Vaccination Management in May 2021.

25th May 2021

Release 607, Version 2021.5.25.1  

Support Patient Name History

Turas Vaccination Management can now hold details of a patient's previous name.

This doesn’t me you as a user can edit or amend a name. It means that if a citizen updates their name via their GP and this updates the national CHI Database, then at the next vaccination, Turas Vaccination Management will reflect the name change.

The updated name will not flow to the National Clinical Data Store (NCDS) or National Vaccination Scheduling System (NVSS). This is because the unique identifier to map data is the CHI number, rather than name.

Patient Details - Previous and New Name
Dose 1 - Patient Previous and New Name
11th May 2021

Release 590, Version 2021.5.10.1

Patient Search – Patient Details Recent Vaccination History Tab

When performing a patient search using the patient details returned now includes a Recent Vaccination History tab showing all the vaccination held for the patient on the National Clinical Data Store (NCDS) for the last 12 months where a vaccination for the patient has previously been recorded in the tool.

Patient Search - Recent Vaccination History from NCDS

Improved Navigation Menu

With the continued addition of new features and functionality, it is not possible to list all the actions as individual homepage tiles, so we have now grouped them under logical headings in the navigation menu.

User Role Navigation Menu Headings

Further details can be found in the relevant section of the user guide.


5th May 2021

Release 576, Version 2021.5.03.1

CHI Records indicate patient deceased

When registering a patient that is deceased the user is now informed when they complete the CHI lookup. 

Records Indicate Patient Deceased

Vaccination Dose Number  shown on  Patient Details vaccinations list

The Vaccination dose number is now shown on the patient details screen. The means the user doesn’t have to delve deeper into the vaccination record to get this information.

Dose Number on Patient Details Screen