You will find information about frameworks designed to support staff development for Infection Prevention and Control Nurses and staff who undertake, manage or are responsible for decontamination activities in local, endoscopy or central decontamination units throughout Scotland.

Framework to Support Staff Development in the Decontamination of Re-usable Medical Devices

The framework supports practitioners to increase and develop their existing knowledge, understanding and skills in the complex area of decontamination. It considers the work which is carried out in a wide range of roles in decontamination services to identify the different types and levels of skills which staff working in a decontamination role may require whether working in local, endoscopy or central decontamination.

Additional Professional Frameworks

Self Assessment Tool - Post Registration Career Development Framework

The self assessment tool is designed to be used with the Post Registration Career Development Framework or with your own specific professional framework, to help you to reflect on your current level of practice, identify areas where you are confident in your role and those where you may benefit from further education, training and development.