Antibiotic management

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Please check out the Keep antibiotics working: 5 key messages which is a resource for health and social care staff outlining key messages on keeping antibiotics working, with a focus on what, why, who, how and where.

We have a range of education resources to support staff involved in the prescribing and stewardship of antibiotics. Please select the resource from the list below.

Please note the Hospital antibiotic review programme (HARP) and  Scottish Reduction in Antimicrobial Prescribing (ScRAP) resources will be removed on 4th July for review and updates.

Education resources

Resources for learners

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Six very brief modules / clinical scenarios on managing patients with infection in hospital and community settings:

- Introduction (20 mins)
- Presentation of a sore throat in a community setting (10 mins) 
- Presentation of surgical site infection (10 mins) 
- Presentation of a suspected community acquired pneumonia (CAP) (30 mins) 
- Earache in a young child (10 mins) 
Sticky eyes in a young child (10 mins) 

➤ Gentamicin and Vancomycin

Introductory modules (20-40 mins) and a range of very short practice scenarios (e.g. “renal deterioration” or “no creatinine” (5-10 mins) with feedback. 

- Gentamicin : Hartford Guidance
- Gentamicin : GGC Guidance
- Vancomycin : Continuous Infusion
- Vancomycin : Intermittent Infusion


Raising awareness of antimicrobial stewardship for nurses and midwives

- Introductory video (3 mins)
- Pre-resource self-reflection activity (3 mins)
- PDF document including activities (c. 60 mins)
- Post-resource self-reflection activity (3 mins)




Other resources

  • External microbiology resources for medical students


Resources for trainers

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Presentation with trainer notes; Resource supports practitioners who are involved in the prescribing, monitoring and administration of antibiotics in their early stages of clinical practice.

- Power Point training presentation with notes
- PDF presentation with notes
- CDP Record of Evidence of Learning

Resources (PPT slides and PDF files) to support facilitation of practical sessions for hospital staff 

- Support pack
- Awarness video
- Toolkits
- Audit tools

Aimed at GP practices, toolkit to help support a reduction in unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in primary care’. Educational materials to support delivery of facilitated learning sessions

- Support pack
- Toolkits
- Audit tools and decision aids
- Good practice examples
- Supplementary learning and information