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This webpage outlines in detail, the prehabilitation work being taken forward by the Modernising Patient Pathways Programme across NHS Scotland

What is Prehabilitation?

Prehabilitation supports people to prepare for treatment. It promotes healthy behaviours and prescribes exercise, nutrition and psychological interventions based on a person’s needs, which aids patients be fitter and better prepared for their planned treatment.

When should it be implemented?

Prehabilitation should be implemented in the early stages of the patient pathway, ideally soon after diagnosis and well in advance of treatment for maximum benefit. It should be seen as part of the rehabilitation pathway, as a way to optimise a person’s health and wellbeing, maximising their resilience to treatment.

Video Resources

In partnership with No Delays (NHS Grampian), the Modernising Patient Pathways Programme have initially developed four videos to support improvements in physical activity levels. Information contained in the videos outlines the benefits of physical activity, how to do a home based exercise programme and is followed by two videos on how to increase your physical activity depending on how active you are currently.

Importantly, these videos were made with recent patients who provide their own perspectives on how physical activity improvements has benefited them.

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