AHP webinar series

In the context of COVID-19, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) are running a series of short webinar sessions focused on specific aspects of practice, use of technology, ways of working and other key topics identified by AHPs.

If you are interested in working in partnership with the NES AHP team to design and deliver a webinar which supports the learning and development of the AHP workforce in Scotland then please email us at nmahpwebinars@nes.scot.nhs to arrange a conversation.

The following topics appear on this page: 

Use of Near Me and other digital tools in practice

The following webinars explore how AHP services continued to deliver services through the use of NHS Near Me. There is also information on how to use other digital tools to support practice.

Supporting AHP Practice-based learning (PrBL) recovery

These webinars support the recovery and ongoing provision of placements in Scotland during the pandemic. We hear from practitioners, lecturers and students about their experiences to modernise placements and ensure progression of our future workforce. For further information and guidance you may wish to visit out AHP Community of Practice site on the Knowledge Network.

Postural care

If you work with someone who requires postural management you may find these webinars helpful.

You may also find additional resources to support your practice on the Postural care page

Personal Outcomes

These webinars explore how people are maintaining a focus on personal outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing to have meaningful conversations. Service providers from across health and social care share their experiences about what's worked well and the impact they have had.

AHP Support and supervision

This webinar explores how AHPs have continued to receive supervision during the COVID pandemic. For further information and resources to support your practice please visit the AHP Supervision page. 

Rehabilitation and recovery following COVID

In this webinar we hear from strategic leaders about the ambitions of the Framework for supporting people through Rehabilitation and Recovery during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes videos from practitioners sharing how they have responded to the pandemic, re-shaping and re-aligning service delivery.

Additional webinar: