Taking care of other people

Information and resources that I can use to support the wellbeing of other people, including Psychological First Aid.

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General principles : Psychological First Aid

Whatever your role in providing health and/or social care, international research supports using the principles of ‘Psychological First Aid’ to improve the longer-term psychosocial outcomes and effective recovery for everyone,  when we experience any sort of crisis, such as the ongoing pandemic.

Psychological First Aid involves offering humane, supportive and practical help, paying attention to the factors that seem to be most helpful to people’s long-term recovery (according to various studies and the consensus of many crisis helpers).


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Further resources:

Guidance on offering psychological therapy and interventions remotely

NHS England IAPT Covid webinar series

The National IAPT team in NHS England have kindly agreed for NHS Education for Scotland to make available the national IAPT Webinar series on on adapting and delivering condition specific psychological treatment during the Covid-19 crisis remotely.

Each webinar will focus on a specific common mental health disorder, or treatment protocol. There are 7 webinars planned: NHS Education will make each Webinar available after the national ‘live’ Microsoft Teams events. The sessions are as follows: Treating PTSD remotely with Cognitive Therapy for PTSD, Delivering safe PWP interventions by remote working,  Treating Social Anxiety Disorder remotely, Behavioural Activation by remote working, Traumatic Grief interventions by remote working, Delivery of OCD treatment by remote working, Delivery of Health Anxiety interventions by remote working, and Managing LTC interventions by remote working


NHS Scotland Remote Delivery of  CBT for PTSD supplementary Webinar

This webinar focusses on adapting and delivering CBT for PTSD during the COVID 19 crisis remotely, and can be viewed in addition to the NHS England Webinar on the same topic. It was provided by Dr Nick Grey for NHS Scotland staff on 29th June 2020.