Taking care of other people

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Information and resources that I can use to support the wellbeing of other people, including Psychological First Aid.

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General principles : Psychological First Aid e-module

Whatever your role in providing health and/or social care, international research supports using the principles of ‘Psychological First Aid’ to improve the longer-term psychosocial outcomes and effective recovery for everyone,  when we experience any sort of crisis, such as the ongoing pandemic.

Psychological First Aid involves offering humane, supportive and practical help, paying attention to the factors that seem to be most helpful to people’s long-term recovery (according to various studies and the consensus of many crisis helpers).


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General principles : Psychological First Aid further resources

Further resources:


The resources below are designed to be used by staff who are supporting the adoption of the principles of psychological first aid within their service.  There is a guidance document providing information on ways to achieve this and a recording or presentation that can be used in staff training