Undertaking the Quality Improvement Modules on TURAS Learn

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There have been some question about accessing these modules so we have developed this more detailed guide.  A TURAS Learn account is required to access the QI modules, if you already have an account you can go ahead and complete the modules, if not this guide will assist you with creating your TURAS Profile.

1) Go to the QI Zone

This is the link to access the QI Zone and the modules:


Click on the button to Register at the top right hand corner of the screen.


2) Register for Turas Learn


a) Sectors: for General Dental Practice teams please select: “Dental Practices in Scotland”. For those working in the PDS select “NHS Boards in Scotland".

b) Select your Healthboard Area

c) Professional Group: select “Dentistry”

d) Please chose your own Professional Role from the drop-down list

e) Complete your details then click “Create"

3) Now you are registered - Go to the E-Learning Section of the QI Zone

Go back to QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ZONE and sign in

When you are signed in to Turas learn and in the QI Zone go to e-learning on the drop down menu to access and launch the individual modules.

4) More Information

More information and guidance on many other QI tools and activities can be accesses through this link to Quality Improvement in Primary Care- What to Do and How to Do It for Dental Teams.