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The Quality Improvement Zone provides information and resources to support people with experience at all levels of quality improvement to develop their knowledge.

In the QI Zone, you will find:

  • Information on the improvement journey and related quality improvement tools and topics
  • A range of educational resources, including eLearning modules, guides and frameworks
  • Information on the different levels of experience in quality improvement and associated learning programmes

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Quality Improvement in Dental Primary Care
QI in Primary Care

There are a growing number of evidence-based Quality Improvement (QI) methods which  can help dental practices to assess and improve the care they provide.

This resource describes several QI tools that will be useful for all members of the primary care dental team.  It will enable them to understand and apply both QI thinking and QI tools more effectively.

Understanding these methods (which are generally less complicated than most practitioners think) and knowing which are better suited to a particular problem will direct and enable any improvement activity.

This is intended as a guide and provides dental examples for each methods described. It includes why you would choose a particular approach, who it involves and how to do it.   There is a list of Top Tips for successful completion and a flow chart that will help you to a choose a suitable method.


Quality Improvement Tools - What to Do and How to Do it Adapted for Primary Care Dental Teams

Quality Improvement Methodology e-Learning Modules

Quality Improvement Activity QI is an essential part of every-day practice for dentists and their teams. There are several suitable options available for QI Activity in primary dental care.

For dental professionals wishing to gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding on quality improvement methodology and how to develop quality improvement projects, the following are e-learning modules are available on the QI TURAS page.

The modules cover the following areas:

  • Measurement for improvement
  • Understanding your system
  • Developing your aims and change ideas
  • Testing your change ideas
  • Implementation and spread

More e-learning modules will be developed and added to this page in due course.

As QI should involve all members of the dental team, these modules are recommended for the whole team. Each module should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and members of the dental team will be able to download verifiable CPD certificates that will fulfil GDC Development Outcomes B and C.

For further information on the e-learning modules and other useful information and advice on undertaking quality improvement initiatives, please visit the QI Zone page.

How To Undertake the Quality Improvement Modules on TURAS Learn

The memorandum to the letter from the interim Chief Dental Officer PCA(D)(2019)10 included an expectation that dental team members should undertake four QI e-Learning modules to introduce them to this different approach and support improvement in their practices