Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring is a one to one relationship which offers someone (Mentee) the chance to learn more about themselves and from a more experience colleague (Mentor) to accelerate the Mentees learning.  The Mentor can pass on knowledge, experience and use their networks to open doors to otherwise out of reach opportunities for the Mentee.

Mentoring is an effective developmental tool for Non-Executive Board Members.  It is especially useful if this is the first time being a Non-Executive, or if experienced non-Executives are facing specific challenges or difficult matters.  Mentoring can also be useful for Non-Executive Board members aspiring to be Chairs.

The Mentoring scheme for Board Members is now available with a limited number of experienced Mentors. To find out more, become a mentor or mentee click the link to email the Board Development team. 


Mentoring advice
If you are a Health Board or IJB Chair or an experienced Non-Executive Board Member and want to support your colleagues grow in their confidence and abilities in their role, please volunteer to become a Mentor by emailing
Mentors receive training and are supported throughout the process, including the provision of the Mentoring Handbook. 

Mentor Handbook
The Mentor Handbook has been created as an indepth guide and learning tool for mentoring. It guides you through the initial meeting process and different models of mentoring to guide you through your sessions.

The Mentor Handbook includes the following:

  • Agreeing a contract
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Mentoring Tools
  • Templates
  • Evaluation

As a mentee you have the opportunity to have a safe space to learn and be guided by an experienced colleague. This is a mutually beneficial model of learning that is proven to enhance performance for better outcomes. 

Mentoring is a personal experience as well as professional so it is important to feel comfortable and safe with your Mentor, please read through the mentee handbook for helpful hints on how to undertake a mentoring relationship. 

Mentee Handbook
The Mentee Handbook has been created as a light touch guide and introduction to mentoring. It guides you through the initial meeting process and how to set the parameters for your sessions moving forward. 

The Mentee Handbook includes the following:

  • Agreeing a contract
  • Reflections
  • Evaluation
Mentor/Mentee Experience

Mentors and Mentees share their experience, hints and tips in the videos.  The individuals in the videos are not Non-Executive Board members, however their experiences and points are relevant to all and give some incite into the value of mentoring.

Mentor Experience:

View the short video "Give Something Back" where mentors share their experiences and benefits of mentoring to self.

Mentee Experience:

View a short video "A Sounding Board" on mentee testimonies on benefits of mentoring. 


Coaching is a process that allows an individual to reflect and gain awareness of who they are, what is important to them, their strengths, challenges, options open to them and what action to take in order to make the changes they want that may maximise their performance.  Unlike Mentoring, the coach is not generally performed on the basis that the coach has direct experience of their client’s formal occupational role unless the coaching is specific and skills focused.  Non-Executive Board members can assess coaching through various routes:

Your own Board Coaching or regional coaching collaborative – contact your Board Organisational Development Lead for information about what is available locally.

NES Executive Coaching Register.  There is a fee-based arrangement between your Board and the Coach.  NES can provide the matching service to meet your needs.  Contact the Board Development Team.

Scottish Coaching Collaborative – Free coaching from trained coaches.  The coaches are from different public services and have a variety of qualifications and accreditation levels. This means there is a wide range of abilities and attributes to choose from. You can obtain a coach or sign up as a coach through People Connect. Please note you will need a Athens Password to access the site.