New Horizons : consolidation day

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Here you find guidance to pre-reading and preparation for the Consolidation Day. You can also access the Consolidation Day materials and resources, and further, optional resources. The learning outcomes state the expected key learning outcomes that, in addition to active participation in the Consolidation Day, will require support and opportunities to test and apply learning in the workplace.

The link to Programme Feedback is activated for two weeks from the end of the New Horizons leadership programme. We would highly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this pilot to help us continually improve the programme, and to evaluate any impact it may have on you, your team and the organisation.

Pre-reading and preparation for consolidation day

View the Vision eLearning module and do the self-assessment at the end.

Bring all six eLearning modules’ self-assessments with you.

Collaborative work - Ladder of Participation – Identify:

  • Own context – Identify a project that you are currently working on/aware of
  • Identify where it currently sits on the Ladder of Participation
  • Consider how you could shift it to a higher rung on the ladder

Come prepared to share in discuss this with your colleagues.

Read the NHS Recovery Plan 2021-2026 NHS Recovery Plan 2021-2026 ( and complete the task sheet

We don't expect you have something for every category, but please complete the questions for 2-3 key principles, and come prepared to discuss these with your colleagues, share experience, thoughts and insights on challenges, opportunities and ways to best contribute as a leader. It might be useful to have a look at your Board's most recent recovery plan as well.

Reflect your learning in one, or more, areas of the New Horizons leadership programme such as:

  • Compassionate leadership
  • Systems thinking
  • Change
  • Working with teams
  • Wellbeing and resilience

Please come prepared to discuss with your colleagues about the area have you experienced your key learning, how you are using it now and planning to use in the future. We ask you to form small groups on a day to have a focussed peer learning conversation.

Consolidation day materials and resources

NHS Recovery Plan task sheet (Word doc)

Consolidation day learning outcomes

Consolidating the learning from the whole programme, with focus on the following:


Seeing what is possible for people who use services, carers and communities now and in the future:

  • Apply/demonstrate the values of the organisation in all work activites
  • Ask good questions to challenge current thinking
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the real, underlying needs of service users and staff

To achieve the learning outcomes requires, in addition to active participation in all Modules, support and opportunities to test and apply learning in the workplace. 

Further resources

Leadership and Management Zone provides all health and social care staff across Scotland with an easy point of access to a range of development resources about leadership and management 

Project Lift supports leadership at all levels and at all stages, in all roles across Health and Social Care in Scotland  

Leadership Links offers bite-sized learning opportunities for leaders and managers at all levels 

The National Wellbeing Hub is a partnership between national, local and professional bodies with a shared passion for looking after the emotional and psychological wellbeing of our country’s health and social services workers