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Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition which affects approximately 1% of the population in Scotland. 

NES PSYCHOLOGY developed a knowledge and skills framework for autism as a tool for services and learners across all public services in Scotland. NES autism resources and training are mapped onto the framework and these are now located within TURAS Learn. These resources aim to support staff to consider their learning needs relating to autism and to access appropriate training so that autistic individuals, their families and carers are met with understanding when attending specialist services, primary care or generic health and social care organisations.

Terminology and Engagement

We consult widely with the autistic and wider autism community, and consequently now use identity first language such as “autistic” and “autistic individual” where possible.  We understand that there is no universally agreed upon terminology to use when discussing autism, and we fully respect individual people’s choices on how they wish to talk about and describe themselves.  We would like to thank all those who have collaborated with us in developing and improving our resources.

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Resources and Training

Collected learning resources and training materials produced by NES and Partner Services

Summary and Background

Background information about the creation of the framework and the Scottish context