Testing changes

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Topics and tools for help in identifying specific changes to how things are currently done and developing and undertaking strategies for testing those in a range of conditions. 

The Quality Improvement Journey

Why Testing Changes is important

All improvement requires change but not every change results in improvement.

The outcomes that teams achieve are a result of how their systems work including how they help people to do the right thing. To get different, improved outcomes we need to identify and develop specific ways to change the system. These ideas should then be tested to find out what works.

Watch the animation below for an overview of Testing Changes.

References, Frameworks and Tools

References and Tools to help you come up with change ideas:

Process MappingUsed to outline the sequential steps in a process.

Cause and Effect AnalysisUsed to explore and record likely causes of problems

IHI Change concepts for Improvement

IHI Convergent and Divergent Thinking Whiteboard Part 1 (Creative Thinking)

IHI Convergent and Divergent Thinking Whiteboard Part 2 (Creative Thinking)


The Improvement Guide, 2009, Langley et al

Content Updated August 2021

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