Urogynaecology Service

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The Urogynaecology Service is for patients with symptoms of a pelvic floor, urinary or faecal incontinence as well as uterine prolapse, bladder pain and persistent urinary tract infections. Clinical staff from Urogynaecology services within a local health board use it to support and make decisions about the patient’s care journey.

Urogynaecology Service Pathway

We hope clinicians and patients find the Inhealthcare Urogynaecology Service simple and easy to use, helping people better understand their condition and manage their symptoms.

Upon referral, patients will receive an initial assessment questionnaire with questions about their symptoms, the answers to which will determine what level of care they receive. Depending on their route through the service. Patients may also receive a follow-up questionnaire (if interested) which will help inform the Urogynaecology team about the impact of symptoms on the lifestyle and wellbeing of the patient.

These questionnaires which will help triage the patient to the correct level of care, which could be self-managed with web links to useful resources, or if needed, to be escalated to a Urogynaecology specialist.   

Throughout the patient’s journey through the service, clinical staff will be able to view the patient’s answers to make decisions about patient care and to form the basis of a shared discussion at appointments.

After the patient has completed the service, a PDF output report will generate, with the questions and answers from each task that the patient has responded to, relevant diagnostic codes, alongside the dates of response and entry. It will be available to view and download within the Inhealthcare platform.


The Urogynaecology Service - How to Use the Pathway is a step-by-step instruction guide for clinicians and administrative staff on using the Connect Me Urogynaecology Service Pathway.

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